Welcome to a website built on a platform that I think is absolute garbage. But as we live in this day and age and it being free, my site is built on WordPress and its design is not my favorite but is less irritating than most.


Dammit this is not the worst question.

  1. I don’t have a choice. Sites liked LinkedIn forced digital resumes on the world but what I have done for decades being more cohesive? overwhelming? inclusive? comprehensive? than what I am sold as by recruiters as a commodity better suited for meh-at-best written job descriptions by people who also are unsure what title or actions or tasks best encompass the work done by a type like me — well this is a place to put that.
  2. I went from industry to industry teaching them about the internet until I was stuck in freelance/gig/consultant traps for those who know way too much to get the senior role (???) or cost too much for that senior role (dude I wanted benefits and hate the stress that launches and looking again does to me) or am a woman who understands her actual intellectual and social capital and was using active case verbs in a city like Portland, Oregon and refused to bend on things that might put my elderly dog’s life at risk so thus was seen as threatening – especially if aesthetics + nerd prowess + confidence is part of the hiring equation (yes but only verified in 3-5 cases).
  3. For some weird reason, money is still needed to move from here to there.
  4. For less weird reasons, why I will make an argument against money and have my politics upfront so those who find issue with someone who has made actual billions for her design and content strategies having strict ethics and displaying what used to be called commie thought or was aligned with anarchists who found Marxism to be too reactionary and simplistic but know the system, run the system and want it to grow so big it collapses on the weight of its own hubris… Well that’s my birthright and right as an American and child of those kids in Chicago who know how to raise a racket?
  5. Yeah I’m a commie. If you think we live in a democracy, ask me why your vote is worth less than your purchasing power or how even having this conversation makes me sound dangerous. Free speech only works if you are protected by those who do not hold your ability to have necessary resources against the ones in power (which are often one and the same).
  6. Stuff.

I have other points to make but it’s raining and I want to enjoy the weather. I am one of the bests at what I do and make so many so wealthy that it’s time to throw my hats in your ring.






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