It is very nice to Cybermeet you… I’m Lizz.

And this is my vanity site, which is kind of a perpetual work-in-progress… Mostly because I don’t really like writing about myself and find websites like this kind of excruciating. So please bear with me and this project of mine that has been going on for years.


What I Do (Well).

This is probably where my section of bragging about work goes but I might make that into its own page. But it is being blocked out here in case I need it. Not so sure on this photograph either, to be honest.

And I’m just a second paragraph for spacing needs!!

Let’s Connect.

If you want to get in touch, email me or casually stalk me on social media. I’m more of a recluse than I used to be, but you can find some of my photographs on Instagram, my professional site on LinkedIn and things I’ve tried to hide by typing stuff in on Google.

lizz thinks too much